How to Bulk Upload Inventory to Etsy (1000s of Products)

Updated Sep 26, 2022

2 min read

Shop Uploader lets you bulk upload listings to Etsy with a simple spreadsheet. This tutorial will show you how to update your inventory using Shop Uploader.

This tutorial will cover how to:

  • Find your listings in Shop Uploader
  • Download your listings from Shop Uploader
  • Format your listings information correctly
  • Reupload your information to update your inventory.

Let’s get started!

Note - For this to work, you only need to have listings on Etsy, you do not need to have any uploads via Shop Uploader.

Exporting your product data from Etsy

You first need to navigate to the Shop page (must be logged in). Next you need to select the settings you want for your export. These are located in the "Download Listings" section.

Shop Uploader version 2 exporter settings menu

From here, you will click the "Start Export" button to begin exporting your listings.

Shop Uploader version 2 exporter start export button

After a minute or two, click on the "Refresh" button in the "Export History" section. If your report has not been generated, please wait a little longer. Once generated, download the document and open it in Excel.

Shop Uploader version 2 download export section

Editing your product listings

Now that you’ve opened the document in excel, you can start editing the information. Since we are only updating inventory, most of the information presented is unneeded. The only columns you need filled are SKU, Quantity, listing_id, and Action. All of these will already be filled, except for Action. Fill out all “Action” cells with the word “inventory”. Make sure you use a lowercase i.

Below is all the information you need to update product inventory.

Example of the information needed to update product inventory with Shop Uploader

In this example, we start with 5 units of each variation. Say you produce more CH-AS and CH-PS and need to update their inventory. Change the two 5’s to (for this example) 10’s.

Example of updated inventory information needed to update product inventory with Shop Uploader

Once you upload this new information, Etsy will automatically update your inventory amounts.

Getting your inventory data into the template

Updating inventory with shop Uploader is very simple. The only information you need is listing_id, sku, action set to inventory, and quantity.

Listing_id and sku come from the listings you have already uploaded to Etsy. You can get these from the Download Etsy Listings page (must be logged in).

You will have to enter the action column information manually. You must set it to inventory to update quantity amounts.

You get the updated quantities from your master file. For this tutorial, we assume you are using excel or can export your database to excel. There are two easy ways to copy over only the Etsy quantities without copying each cell manually. These two methods are INDEX/MATCH and VLOOKUP. Once entered, you can drag the formula down to the bottom row to auto-populate the column with data.

Wrapping up

With all of these steps completed, Shop Uploader will automatically update your listing’s quantities on Etsy.

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