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Unlimited orders, 0% order commission, free to get started.
We don't tax you for selling. You only pay for what you upload.

Pay yearly, get 2 months free!


$ 5
$60 $50 / yr
Manage up to 50 listings ?
This plan includes:
  • Create or update 50 listings.
  • Partial update a product 200 times.
  • Yearly plans will get 12x these limits for use over the whole year.


$ 9
$108 $90 / yr
Manage up to 100 listings ?
This plan includes:
  • Create or update 100 listings.
  • Partial update a product 400 times.
  • Yearly plans will get 12x these limits for use over the whole year.


$ 19
$228 $190 / yr
Manage up to 200 listings ?
This plan includes:
  • Create or update 200 listings.
  • Partial update a product 800 times.
  • Yearly plans will get 12x these limits for use over the whole year.


$ 29
$348 $290 / yr
Manage up to 350 listings ?
This plan includes:
  • Create or update 350 listings.
  • Partial update a product 1400 times.
  • Yearly plans will get 12x these limits for use over the whole year.


$ 39
$468 $390 / yr
Manage up to 500 listings ?
This plan includes:
  • Create or update 500 listings.
  • Partial update a product 2000 times.
  • Yearly plans will get 12x these limits for use over the whole year.

Manage more listings? View business pricing.

Looking to manage more listings?
Check out our business plans.

Business Pricing

Creating or migrating your shop?
We'll help you get setup faster.
Pricing starts at $100 /hr.

How much could you save with Shop Uploader?

15+ hrs ⏱ monthly
Managing 100 listings
$225 👷‍♂️ that costs you
$15 hourly rate
$216 💰 You save
Hobby plan is only $9
View the breakdown below 👇
Task Time to Complete # of Listings or
# of Products
Frequency / mo Total
Creating new
product listings
5-10minutes 100 -- 16.7hours
Updating existing
product listings
3-7minutes 100 11.7hours
Updating product
10-30seconds 500 3.3hours
Total hours
saved monthly

Where do these numbers come from? These time estimates are from experimental research where experienced Etsy product managers were creating and updating listings, with all product data prepared beforehand in a spreadsheet. Similar results are not guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

review author
Patrik Manages 3000+ listings

I tried multiple other solutions for bulk uploading to Etsy, and I'm here to stay.

All the features I need is here and even more I was not aware is possible with automation. Assigning images to variations is a feature I never seen before. The support is also awesome, fast to respond and solved my problems in minutes.. something I was not used to before.

review author
Carlos Manages 400+ listings

What a success!

With the big platforms own flatfile solutions, it took several days to get anything working. ShopUploader however, has been the easiest so far, with great documentation. Very impressive for an independent software to work so reliably. Now we are all set for selling on Etsy!

review author
Francis Manages 2000+ listings

Thank god I found your tool!

We successfully uploaded over 2000 products on etsy.

Everything didn't always worked as expected, but the service is A++ This way its impossible to not thrive!

review author
Devika Manages 400+ listings

Fantastic Platform - This platform is so easy to navigate and use, makes managing inventory a breeze. Product management on Etsy has become easier to manage and will help make my shop more successful. The automation is fantastic, easy tutorials and instructions and excellent support!

review author

Shop Uploader is an incredible tool to bulk upload and adjust listings on Etsy. It's perfect for me and my business as each of my products have so many variations that would take hundreds of hours to adjust. With Shop Uploader, I'm able to do everything I need in just minutes. Not to mention the customer service and troubleshooting team is fast and knowledgeable and able to answer any question I have.

review author
Rachael Manages 2 shops

Shop Uploader is easy to get started with and the customer service is the best I've experienced in a long time. No other bulk listing solution had a way to include category specific fields in my uploads which was a gamechanger! I can finally put my focus and time back on designing more products to upload.

Lamar Member for 22 months

This is a well designed product with a modern intuitive interface. We had some issues with a bug in our upload template. Support was VERY helpful and responsive. They fixed the issue promptly. If you want a straightforward way to upload products to Etsy don't look any further, this is it.


Aside from being incredibly useful, the interface is pretty easy to use. The documentation is clear and the live support has been proactive, fast and efficient. More than happy to keep this as my go-to tool for bulk updates on my Etsy stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pricing based on uploads instead of number of listings?

Sellers use Shop Uploader differently. Some shops only need to upload every once in a while and other shops upload everyday.

We provide value by allowing you to upload to Etsy, whether you have a large shop or a small shop.

We decided that you should only pay for what you upload, not the size of your business. So, Shop Uploader only charges you for based on the number of listing you upload with our application.

What counts as 'creating' or 'updating' a listing?

One 'create' or 'update' can do this:

Upload all the product data, images, category-specific attributes, inventory, link the images to variations (if provided), and publish the listing.

Usage is reset at the end of each month or year (depending on your billing cycle).

What languages are supported?

Shop Uploader supports translations for all languages supported on Etsy.

Shop Uploader's interface is only in English.

For more information on languages visit the Etsy Languages page.

Can I extend my free trial?

Need more than 7 days? Contact us and we'll help you out.

Can more than one employee access the account?

Yes. But keep in mind there is no way to limit employee access.

Are there additional costs?

You will only be charged for your subscription and for each extra shop that you manage (first shop is free).

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?


For upgrading, you will pay the difference between your current plan and the upgraded plan upon upgrade. You will pay the full upgraded price once the new billing cycle begins.

For downgrading, you will be refunded your unused time at the higher rate.

Why is Shop Uploader so cheap?

We understand that Shop Uploader is only part of an Etsy seller's toolset. We are working to make Shop Uploader more useful, so that you don't need those other apps.

Until then, we think this is a fair price for the unique features Shop Uploader provides.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel anytime during your subscription period. However, you will only be refunded for unused time.

For example, you have a plan from January to December and cancel on June 16th. You will get your money back for the period of July to December.

What payment methods do you support?

All major credit cards.

What currency are your prices in?

(USD) United States Dollars

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at settings > billing.

You can also contact from the email that is linked to your account.

Still have questions?

If you have other questions about our pricing plans, so we can help.

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