How to add product variations to Etsy listings

Updated Sep 30, 2022

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As an Etsy shop owner, you might have dozens of product variations each with its own variations. To help manage your shop, Etsy uses product variations. Using this feature, you can list your product’s variations under a single listing instead of making a new listing per variation. This article covers how to add product variations to Etsy listings. Additionally, it includes details on linking photos to the variations you create.

This article covers:

  • What is an Etsy product variation?
  • How to add product variations to Etsy listings
  • How to link photos to variations

What are Etsy shipping profiles?

What is an Etsy product variation?

Product variations are different options in which you are selling your product. Say you are selling bouncy balls. For this example, your variations could be size, color, or opacity. If you choose the color variation, the only difference between the bouncy balls is their color. 

Do note that this example is only looking at one parent_sku. Different parent_skus can have different variations and properties.

To assist users, Etsy provides several preset variation options that users can choose. If none of the preset options fit the user’s product, they can create their custom variations.

It is important to note that listings can only have two product variations. This limitation means you must determine your product’s main distinctive attributes.

How to add product variations to Etsy listings

To add variations to Etsy listings, you must first log into Etsy. After logging in, navigate to the shop manager page, then click the listings tab. Clicking this brings you to where you can find, create, edit, and delete your Etsy listings.

How to navigate to the Etsy listing page.

While on the listings page, find the listing you want to add variations to and open it. While in the listing, scroll down to the variations section. Once here, click the add variations button.

Add variations to Etsy listing button.

Clicking this opens the add variations popup box. The first portion asks you to choose your first variation name. Your variation name describes the difference between your products. For example, it could be the color, opacity, or size.

Add variation name to Etsy listing button.

Once your variation name is selected, Etsy asks for the variation options. These are the actual differences between your products. For our example, we chose primary color as the variation name. With this in mind, we chose blue, green, yellow, and red as our variation options. Setting these options means we sell four colors of the same bouncy ball.

Add variation option to Etsy listing button.

Additionally, in this menu, you can decide if your products have different prices, quantities, and skus for each variation. To add these differences, click the corresponding checkbox. You will be able to edit these after the popup box closes.

Menu where you include if yoru variations have different skus, quantities, and prices.

Once you’ve filled in your product’s information, click save and continue. Doing this takes you back to your listing, and your variations will now be listed.

Completed variations output information.

With your variations created, you will now see the options to add different SKUs, prices, and quantities. Just type in the correct information to the corresponding variations.

If you want to bulk-update your price or quantity, select the variations you want to edit, then click the “update price” or “update quantity” button. Doing so opens a new dialogue box where you enter the new values. Once the updated numbers are entered, click save and continue.

How to link photos to variations

Now that you have your variations created, you can link images to them. First, you need to attach images to your Etsy listing. Once that is done, scroll back down to the variations section. In the variations section, click the link photos button. Clicking this opens the link photos popup. In this popup, you can see your variation types and their different options.

Button to link your photos to productvariations.

Clicking this opens the link photos popup. In this popup, you can see your variation types and their different options.

Dialogue box for linking photos to product variations.

Click the dropdown for your variation option, click the image you want to link, then click save. Once complete, your images are linked to your variations.

Selecting your image to link it to a product variation.

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