How to Write Etsy Descriptions

Updated Oct 7, 2022

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Etsy descriptions are vital in convincing your customers that this is the product they need. Your titles and images draw customers in, but your Etsy descriptions drive home the sale. Below are some tips to help you write your Etsy descriptions.

This tutorial will cover how to:

  • Writing to your audience
  • Formatting your description
  • Making it personal
  • Keywords

How do I add a description to my Etsy listing?

Write to your audience

An important aspect of writing your description is knowing your audience. This knowledge lets you better connect with your customers allowing you to acknowledge their unmet needs and demands.

Make sure you are writing to your audience

Formatting your descriptions

The most important information first

You want to have your item’s most important information stated at the beginning of the description. This lets customers find the information they need without reading the entire description.

Concise sentences

You want your sentences and paragraphs to be short yet informative. If your sentences are too long, you will lose customer interest. To combat this, use bullet points or lists where possible. These let you convey a lot of information very quickly and easily.

Write your descriptions for the buyers who read everything. Even though you use concise sentences, you still need to describe everything about the product. It needs to be in such detail that your customers can imagine having your product in their hands right then and there. You do this to answer any potential questions a customer might have. One way to find customer questions is to play “20 questions” about the product. If you know which questions customers will ask, you can tailor your description to answer their questions before they ask.

Proofreading and editing

Make sure you proofread your descriptions. Seeing grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your description could be a deal breaker for customers, even if they liked the product. Additionally, look for any awkwardly worded or long sentences and edit them. Lastly, you want to get rid of all the unnecessary fluff. If you can get rid of the fluff words and the description still makes sense, then it did not need to be there in the first place.

Make sure you are proof read your descriptions

Make it personal

Write your descriptions like you are talking directly to your customer. Since Etsy is about unique handcrafted products, customers look for authentic products with passionate sellers. You can do this by infusing your personality into the descriptions. Use “I” statements to connect with the customers personally. Be yourself when writing your descriptions but remember to be polite. Don’t just copy and paste descriptions from similar products.


Knowing the keywords that bring customers to your shop is vitally important. If you use the wrong keywords, you will draw in the wrong audience. You can find keywords customers used by going to your Etsy Shop > Stats > How Shoppers Found You. Even though Etsy does not look at descriptions, search engines like Google do.

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