Error validating [action]: ''inventory', 'False''

Created Nov 28, 2022

1 min read


Error validating [action]: ”inventory’, ‘False”

This happens when you set the action column to inventory but leave the listing_id column empty.


  1. If you are uploading new products change the action column to update
  2. If you are updating a listing’s inventory add the appropriate listing_id

You can find your product's listing_id via the Shop Page.

  1. Navigate to the Download Listings page
  2. Click Create New Export
  3. Click Refresh (wait and repeat until the export is finished)
  4. Download the export
  5. Locate your listing
  6. Copy the corresponding listing_id
  7. Paste it into the listing_id column in the document you are uploading

For additional information visit the Documentation Page.

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