How do I get my shipping_profile_id for Shop Uploader?

Created Nov 18, 2022

1 min read

To get your shipping_profile_id:

  1. Go to the Shop page

    Image showing how to navigate to the shop page
  1. Find the “Shipping Profiles” section and copy the number for the desired profile Image showing shipping profiles on Shop Uploader

If you don't have any shipping profiles created on Etsy, nothing will show up here. To create a shipping profile please view the How to create an Etsy shipping profile article.

  1. Paste the number into the shipping_profile_id column. You must use the same shipping_profile_id for all variations of the same listing.

Below is an example of 3 listings.

Image showing shipping profiles in the Shop Uploader template

If the number is in scientific notation:

  1. Select the cells
  2. Go to format cells
  3. Select custom formatting
  4. Change the type from “General” to ”?” in the text box

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