How do I update existing Etsy listings with Shop Uploader?

Created Nov 18, 2022

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To begin head over to the Shop tab. Once there find the "Download Listings" segment.

Image showing Shop Uploader's download listing settings

Exporting your Etsy information with Shop Uploader

You need to select the type of export you want and which listings you want to export.

Type of Export

  1. Export SKUs and inventory
  • This only exports listing_id, skus, quantity, action, and listing_state
  1. Export all product information
  • This exports everything into a template

Listing States to Export

  1. Draft selected
  • Your export will only contain draft listings
  1. Active selected
  • Your export will only contain active listings
  1. Both selected
  • Your export will contain both draft and active listings

Once you are happy with your selection click “Start Export”.

After a bit, your export will show up in the “Export History” section. Once that happens click the download button.

Image showing Shop Uploader's export history

Updating your existing Etsy listings

I already have a Shop Uploader template

If you already have an existing template then all you need to do is enter your product’s listing ids into the listing_id column. You can do this by using vlookup, hlookup, or index+match from the export into your template. Once that is in place then you can start editing your information.


To edit only inventory set the action column to “inventory” To edit everything else set the action column to “update” To change your listing from draft to publish set the action column to “state_change” and listing_state to “published”

I do not already have a Shop Uploader template

For more information on how to create your Shop Uploader template visit the How do I add product properties to my Shop Uploader templates? article.

Once your template is set up and updated you can upload it to Shop Uploader. Assuming there are no errors it will then update your existing Etsy listings.

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