How do I upload digital files?

Created Nov 22, 2022

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How are digital files uploaded?

Your digital files start getting uploaded from the first row of your listing in the digital_file_1 column. It then uploads to the bottom of that column. Once complete, it moves onto the digital_file_2 column. It continues this process until it reaches the end of the digital_file_5 column. Do note that Shop Uploader only uploads the first five digital files it finds per listing.

Image showing how Shop Uploader handles files


Like with images you need to provide a valid url that links to your digital file.

Image showing how to fill out the digital file columns

However, not all urls work with Shop Uploader. This problem is because some urls do not provide your file’s name or extension. Add your file’s name to the digital_file_name_# column.

Image showing how to fill out the digital file name column

Lastly, set the type column to digital.

Image showing how to fill out the type column


  1. Your file’s name must be between 3 and 70 characters
  2. Your file cannot be more than 20MB
  3. Etsy only allows for five file uploads per listing Note: You can get around this by using zip folders. However, the zip file must be less than 20MB.

For assistance with getting proper URLs, please view the How to upload files and images with Shop Uploader article.

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