How to add images to an Etsy listing with Shop Uploader

Created Nov 22, 2022

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How do images get uploaded?

  1. Shop Uploader first uploads from the image_url column based on the image_position column.
  2. Next, it uploads from the image_1 column from the first row of a listing to the last.
  3. Then it repeats step 2 but for the image_2 column.
  4. It continues doing this until it reaches the last row in the image_10 column.
Image showing how Shop Uploader handles images

image_url and image_for_option

The image_url and image_for_option columns link your image to a specific variation. This means the image will appear when the customer selects that specific variation on Etsy.

For the image_url column, you add your image’s url.

For the image_for_option column, you enter the value you want the image to link to. These values come from the option1_name and option2_name columns.

Image showing how to fill out the linked_image_url category

Note: You must have the same value in the image_for_option column for all variations of the listing.


The image_position column dictates where your image shows up in the Etsy slideshow. The allowed values for this column are 1-10. Setting the image to 1 makes it appear first, while 10 makes it appear last.


The image_# columns are where you enter your non-linked images. These show up in the Etsy slideshow but are not brought up when any specific variations are viewed. For this column, you need to enter your image’s url.

Image showing how to fill out the image_# category

Note: If your listing has variations, you will have more than 10 image cells available. Even if you enter more than ten images, Shop Uploader will only upload the first 10 it finds.


If you have multiple rows with the same value for the same parent_sku the bottom-most row will get the value. The remaining duplicates will get the lowest available values.

If your image_position values are higher than the number of images you have they will be shifted to the lowest available position.

Image_url images will always be placed before image_# images in the Etsy slideshow.

Below is an example:

Image showing how to fill out the linked_image_position category

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