How to create an Etsy shop section

Created Nov 16, 2022

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How to create an Etsy shop section through a listing

The first way to create an Etsy shop section is through an Etsy listing. To do this, open a listing and scroll down to the section area. It is located right after where you enter your product’s description.

Image showing how the shop section category

To add a shop section, click the dropdown box in the sections area, then click add a shop section. Selecting this opens up a new dialog box.

Shop section category dropdown

In this box, you type the name of the new shop section you want to create. Once entered, click save. This method automatically assigns your listing to the new shop section.

Popup for new shop section

You have successfully created a shop section through a listing. Now let’s examine how to change them through a listing.

How to create an Etsy shop section with a listing

There are two ways to make shop sections on the listings page. The first method is through one of your listing previews. To do this, find the listing you want to assign, click the gear icon, then click the change section option.

Creating a new shop section through an Etsy listing

Doing this opens up the change section dialogue box. To create a new listing, click manage sections.

New shop section popup

Clicking this opens the manage sections dialogue box. Click add section. In the new dialogue box, type in your section’s name and click save. With that complete, you have created a new shop section. Creating a shop section using this method does not automatically assign your listing to said shop section.

Managing Etsy shop sections

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