Why are my product's weights not imported to Etsy?

Created Nov 14, 2022

1 min read

Weight_unit column

The weight_unit column indicates the weight units you are measuring your products.

Allowed weight units

Etsy accepts the following weight units:

  1. oz
  2. lb
  3. g
  4. kg

Even though these are allowed, Etsy decides which units you are actually allowed to use. This is due to shipping companies only accepting certain units.

Determining your weight units

To determine which units Etsy allows for your shop you will need to:

  1. Log into Etsy
  2. Navigate to your listings page
  3. Create or edit a listing
  4. Scroll down to Item Weight
  5. See which units are listed in the boxes

Below is what we see in our shop. Your units might be different depending on your home country.

Image showing product weight on Etsy

For us, Etsy says we can use both pounds and ounces. However, if we choose pounds nothing appears in these boxes. If we use ounces our weights appear properly. You may need to do some testing on your end to find which units work for you. Even though they do not show up in the listing editor, they are recorded by Etsy and do appear when you export the listings. Do note, that both your dimension units and weight units have to be correct for the values to appear in your Etsy edit listings page.

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