Shop Uploader Pricing: What is a listing?

Created Nov 23, 2022

1 min read

Shop Uploader’s pricing scheme is based on the number of listings you upload/update per month. Below is a list of the most common billing plans used on Shop Uploader.

Image showing the different Shop Uploader plans

As you can see the number of listings ranges from 50 to 500 a month.

But the question is: What is considered a listing?

To Shop Uploader, a listing consists of a product and its variations. This means one listing could be a single product or a product with up to 70 variations.

Below are some examples of listings using a Shop Uploader template.

A single listing with no variations

Image showing a listing with no variations

A single listing with variations

Image showing a listing with variations

Uploading either of these will use 1 listing from your monthly total. You can find your listing usage on the Billing Page.

Image showing billing settings

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