Physical listings

Learn how to upload physical listings to Etsy with Shop Uploader.

Physical listings are traditional products that are shipped to customers (in contrast to digital listings). Physical listings have a set of requirements and limitations.


Physical listings must provide shipping information and returns information.

To provide this information, you first create shipping profiles and return policies on Etsy. Then, you can use Shop Uploader to retrieve the IDs and use them in your Shop Uploader templates.

shipping_profile_id is used for calculated shipping, free shipping, or fixed-rate shipping.

return_policy_id is used to apply a particular return policy to a listing.

Calculated shipping

The dimensions in a Shop Uploader template: length, width, height etc. are used for calculated shipping. The dimensions describe the product packaged-up and ready to ship. An entire listing can only have a single set of dimensions, so you will need to consider that if you have variations.

NOTE: These dimensions are not product dimensions. They will not appear to customers, they will not improve SEO, they will have no informational impact on your listing. They’re only used for calculated shipping.

To provide product dimensions that will be visible to customers on your listing, you need to use attributes instead.

Calculated shipping would look something like this:

length width height dimensions_unit weight weight_unit shipping_profile_id
10 7 1 in 4 oz Small Pkg Calc (1111111111)

Remember: Calculated shipping applies to the entire listing. All variations will use the same shipping information.

Free or Fixed shipping

Free or fixed shipping are both created with only a shipping_profile_id. You don’t need to provide any of the calculated shipping dimensions for free or fixed shipping products.

Free or fixed shipping would look something like this:

Free Ship (1111111111)
FiveDollar (2222222222)
OneDollarShip (3333333333)

Note: A listing can only have one shipping profile. This example would be 3 different listings.


Physical listings can have variations. This allows you to offer multiple products within the same listing. Learn more about creating and updating variations with Shop Uploader.


Physical listings cannot have any digital files.

You cannot offer both physical and digital products on a listing. You would instead need to create a separate listing for the physical and digital versions. Then, you can use URLs in the listing descriptions to point at the other listing. Etsy allows clickable hyperlinks in descriptions as long as they are on

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